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Thesis Project Award List (Sessional For Supervisor) 07-12-2018 DOCX
OBE Results Template 16-03-2018 XLSX
CQI Feedback form 01-01-2019 DOC
OBE Laboratory Assessment Sheet Template 12-12-2018 DOCX
Final Year Projects Catalog 2019 (16SW) 31-08-2019 PDF
Thesis Guidelines for M.E & PhD 31-08-2019 DOCX
LaTeX Thesis Template
Consult Mr. Zubair Sangi for any queries
03-09-2019 ZIP
Course Evaluation Form (Click Here) 03-09-2019 PDF
Teacher Evaluation Form (Click Here) 03-09-2019 PDF
Thesis Regulations
Follow these guidelines to set your thesis in LaTeX format
09-10-2019 DOCX
FYP Guidelines
Guidelines to understand on what criterias your FYP will be evaluated
15-09-2020 PDF
FYP Catalog F16SW 2020 01-09-2020 PDF
FYP Rubrics - Evaluation Criteria for FYP 15-09-2020 PDF
MUET - Online Classes Policy 31-03-2021 PDF
MUET - Online Examination Policy 31-03-2021 PDF
Final Year Projects Catalog of 17SW 28-04-2021 PDF
SWE - Quality of Question Paper 17-03-2022 DOCX
Alumni Survey 17-03-2022 DOCX
Course Evaluation Survey 17-03-2022 DOCX
Employer Survey 17-03-2022 DOCX
Graduating Survey 17-03-2022 DOCX
Intern Evaluation Survey 17-03-2022 DOCX
OBE Final semester question paper 17-03-2022 DOCX
OBE Mid semester question paper 17-03-2022 DOCX
SWE - Course_Review_Report 17-03-2022 DOCX
SWE - Quality Assessment Proforma 17-03-2022 DOCX
SWE- Lab Rubrics (Revised) 17-03-2022 DOCX
SWE-Internship Process 17-03-2022 DOCX
Attendance Sheet Template for Summer Classes 2022 13-06-2022 XLSX
Final Year Projects Catalog 18SW 2022 21-09-2022 PDF
Software Department Newsletter 2021 24-09-2022 PDF
SWE-FYP Catalog 19SW 24-02-2023 PDF
SES 2021-22 NEWSLETTER 07-08-2023 PDF
17SW Syllabi 29-01-2024 PDF
18SW Syllabi 29-01-2024 PDF
19SW Syllabi 29-01-2024 PDF
2022-2023 SWE Newsletter. 14-02-2024 PDF
Final Year Project Catalog of 20SW 15-04-2024 PDF

Survey Forms

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Employer Feedback Survey
Alumni Feedback Survey
Graduating Survey